A lot more than just "shoot this storyboard"

My goal is to make you, as an agency creative director, look really good to your client. I'll work with you to come up with a sellable idea and execute it with finesse, ultimately making your job easier. My work wins awards for you that I sometimes don't even hear about until months or years later. You get to keep the trophy on your mantle!

My agency experience includes:

  • television commercials

  • social media video

  • non-broadcast video

  • internal communications

  • VR work

I have worked with 360i, Havas, GSD&M, Innocean, and BrandPie just to name a few.

here's some of my Previous Agency Work:

Agency: Havas

Role: Director and Co-Producer

I am diabetic, a cyclist, and a director, so you can imagine this project screamed my name...which explains why it turned out so great! Using my extensive television production experience, I worked with Havas and their client Sanofi to create a compelling narrative about the founders of this diabetic cycling team with the production company The Station. Because the project was sponsored by a drug company, we had to work extra hard to avoid drowning in a sea of regulation. The end result for the project? A film that shined a bright light on this passionate community.

Agency: Edelman

Role: Editor

This was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to create a video for buyers of commercial aircraft.

Agency: GPG

Role: Director and Editor (and Voiceover Artist)

This video was shot locally in Brooklyn, and the kids were great. I work very well with kids! Props to our art department who had to create every toy shown.

Agency: GSD&M

Role: Editor

I edited a series of 10 videos for the Air Force, putting my documentary storytelling skills to good use. I have a ton experience of cutting personal stories like this together, but it was especially compelling to edit together real stories of parents whose kids are put in danger every single day up in the air protecting our country.

Agency: 360i

Role: Editor

I was hired to be the editor for this Target spot. I always want to showcase human stories, which wasn't easy when all the actors are wearing masks...but I still figured out a way to show a montage of showing the excitement of going out for Halloween that even my own kids found engaging.

Agency: 360i

Role: Editor

For this West Elm commercial, we showcased their local shopkeepers and why each local store is special because of them. Again and again, let me say: Human storytelling is where I shine!

Role: Editor

Liberty Mutual: UPS

Agency: Golin

Role: Editor

I had to edit two spots in two days for Stoli, so time was of the essence for this project. That intensity was matched only by the high-paced action sports on display in the video!

Agency: Innocean

Role: Co-Producer + Editor (+Voiceover Artist!)

For this Hyundai Hope on Wheels commercial, it was our task to create a joyous moment around an otherwise awful situation. This spot ran extensively during the 2011 World Series...which certainly made my dad proud as it appeared on his TV several times a day for a couple of weeks.