When I make films that put humans who are making the world a better place front and center, my creativity kicks into high gear. Whether you want to capture a scripted narrative or a powerful not-for-profit mission, we can make a film together that is brimming with passion. Compelling work means incredible exposure and, ultimately, a successful film.

My filmmaking experience includes festival films, but I have a lot of flexibility about projects that I may be interested in. I can direct, focus on editing another director's vision, or we can work together to create that vision together!

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here's some of my Previous FILMMAKING Work:

Time After

As Co-Director, Editor, and Producer on this film, I collaborated with Sanjit De Silva to realize his script. Time After is a  heavier film about a couple making decisions about being parents, so I wanted to counter that with dreamy, soft shots to stand out from the oversaturated market of Brooklyn-based narrative films (seriously, there are a million).

The Vampire Leland

Aunt Jane Entertainment hired me to be the editor for this film directed by Tijuana Ricks. The film was selected to screen in SeriesFest, NYTVF, Soho Film Festival, and St. Louis IFF.