I overthink it so

that you don’t have to.


Video Production

My goal is to make you, as an agency creative director, look really good to your client. I'll work with you to come up with a sellable idea and execute it with finesse, ultimately making your job easier. My work wins awards for you that I sometimes don't even hear about until months or years later. You get to keep the trophy on your mantle!


I love to tell beautiful and compelling visual stories about humans using your product or service and shine a light on that interaction for the rest of the world to see. Watch your revenue soar as new customers clamor to be a part of that experience.




When I make films that put humans who are making the world a better place front and center, my creativity kicks into high gear. Whether you want to capture a scripted narrative or a powerful not-for-profit mission, we can make a film together that is brimming with passion. Compelling work means incredible exposure and, ultimately, a successful film.